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Eagle River Report is a page where we will be keeping a log of the camp activity, as well as river conditions, and news from Eagle River. Sign up for the RSS feed by clicking the orange icon to the right and you will receive all updates by email. Wondering what water levels are like? go to Canada's Hydrometric Data site for the Eagle River by clicking this link: Eagle River Water Level
Let the 2013 season begin!!!
Posted 28 June 2013, 12:07 am NDT
Hello from the Eagle River folks, and welcome to our first report for the 2013 angling season. We moved into camp last Thursday and we have been busy! Busy getting the camp ready after a long winter. And we are ready. A new landing area for those of you visiting by helicopter. A whole new water system...expect even water pressure throughout the camp, and we should never run out with our new system pumping from the river and filtered through sediment filters, UV filters, and Reverse Osmosis for drinking.

You will see some new faces with us this year. We welcome to the team 3 new guides.

-Bob Goulding has 8 years guiding experience in the Eagle headwaters at Park Lake. He is a great guy around camp, and all sources tell us he's one great guide. He shared with us some of his stories from Park Lake and I think you all might enjoy some of them too.

-William 'Beatle' Sheppard joins the team. Beatle has 13 years experience guiding on the Eagle, knows our area of the river like the back of his hand, and is an excellent boat handler. Known for his laugh, and great personality, Beatle is a blast to fish with and have around camp.

-Christopher Angell. The Rookie! Does that last name sound familiar? You got it...he's the son of our head guide, Hedley. And he is definitely a chip off the ol' block. Chris grew up living the outdoor life. He eats, sleeps, and breathes hunting and fishing. He's a great boat handler and can 'spin a yarn' like a 70 year old man! Chris has made several trips to the Eagle with his dad over the years. Chris tested the waters a few days ago and caught the first salmon of the season on the Lower Eagle River. It is clear to us that this young man knows how to find fish, and he is eager to learn everything there is to know about guiding. This is one rookie you will be glad to have as your guide.

So...enough about're probably wondering what about the river? It is looking good. Right now water levels are getting very good. The river is still a little high and dropping. Backriver is in excellent shape meaning the bathtub is still unfishable. Pools are starting to form in most of the boat fishing spots. Pretty much right on course for this time of year.

The fish have hit the river. Our guides have been testing the evening waters for a few days now and the last couple of days have brought some impressive results. This evening's test brought in 9 hooked fish in a couple of hours with 3 guides wetting flies. Our Neighbors at Eagle Salmon Lodge have been fishing the whole day with guests and are reporting seeing quite a lot of fish. One Guide from their camp reported 8-10 large salmon holding in Lem's Lane at one point. Before lunch today their camp had 6 salmon landed...all big fish.

So that leaves us to say one thing. Bring on our first group of guests!!! The Eagle is ready, and so are we! We welcome them tomorrow. Let the angling begin, and stay tuned for updates as the season unfolds.
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