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Posted 08 July 2013, 11:45 pm NDT
The end result of all the excitement in the rock pile. Guide, Christopher Angell, and guest, Chris, release this beauty 36" salmon. (larger version)
Fishing is a little slower for most of the day but several runs provided exciting action for one angling team from south of the border.

Meanwhile; our younger anglers were having a blast all day wading in front of the camp. Today was the day that they both took a little dip. I guess they jumped the gun getting me to clarify last time!

They have both been baptized in the mighty Eagle River. They are certainly believers in the power and quantity of fish that this river hold because their little dip didn't dampen their spirits. They were back in the water as soon as they got dried out. Persistence paid off in the end.

I had a little chuckle when I looked out from the deck to see if they were still upright. One of the anglers and the guide try to make their way up into the rock pile.

That wasn't the funny part. When I looked to see where the other angler was he was in the pool with his rod tip up looking around to see who could help him land the large fish he had hooked.

You have to understand that while it is about 50m up into the rock pile; it is a labyrinth with surging water and slippery rocks. It will take about 10 minutes at times to make your way through and more if you lose your nerve.

They made it up there fine and had a few flicks but quickly returned when they realized what was happening below them with their buddy.

I looked again below to see a leap of a very large fish followed by a run downstream. He continued to look up stream to track his companions progress.

He quickly played the fish and got it close but the salmon had other ideas. With a quick leap it was heading like a rocket downriver. Again he looked upstream. They were getting closer.

Then I watched him try a tip that he had been told by one of our other guides and he turned the fish around to slowly swim upstream.

By the time he got the fish close enough his guide and fishing companion had made it to him and he was able to land a gorgeous 36" Salmon!
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