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Great Fishing
Posted 14 July 2013, 11:10 am NDT
Angler proud of 15 lb salmon that He caught. (larger version)
Anglers are very happy with the success that they are having. Everyone is catching fish and enjoying their trip immensely.

One angler landed a large salmon yesterday that took quite an effort. After the take it just went to the bottom and stayed there. About 10 minutes or so later it finally made a run and jump and was into the backing. Hedley had to pull anchor and they managed to land it is quieter water.

Hedley told me after that when he had the fish in hand he brought it up so that the angler could remove the fly only to discover that the hook had broken in the salmon's jaw and only the shank and part of the bend in the hook remained.

How they were able to land it I don't know. It was a large Jack that was about 35 inches (90 cm) and was estimated to be in the 20 lb range.

I heard a funny story about a couple of sports that we had last year. They had a fantastic time; in fact when we had a late cancellation for one rod this season one of them jumped on the chance.

In any event here is what happened. One of the guys caught a beautiful 18 lb salmon last year. Of course they were both excited and both posed for a picture with the fish. When they came ashore they proceeded to look at they pictures that they had taken of the fish.

Well; this is where it gets funny. The fishing companion who had posed with his buddy's fish was so excited and wanted to let his friends and family back home have some tangible evidence of the fishing that they were experiencing. What did he do but post the picture of himself with his buddy's fish on Facebook.

Everyone was commenting on the picture and congratulating him on his catch which they all assumed was his.

Of course he will never live it down and he tells me that he was ashamed of what he had done......but he did have a grin on his face when he told me.

Well this time around he has a picture of a lovely 15 lb fish that he caught himself.
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