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Angler Attempts To Tail Fish
Posted 15 July 2013, 9:10 am NDT
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Success continued today for our anglers. Fishing in the "Tub" proved very rewarding for most anglers yesterday morning and again this morning.

Many of our anglers had their best fishing of the day during the morning. The number of fish hooked during the day seemed to slow and action increased again in the evening.

Water level continues to drop but fortunately there is rain in the forecast for the Happy Valley - Goose Bay Area. the forecast is calling for 10 - 15 mm of rain today with showers for the next couple of days.

One of our anglers had a little surprise yesterday. His guide hooked a fish while showing his guest where the fish were lying. He attempted to hand the rod off to the guest to play the fish before releasing it, but the guest allowed the guide to play the fish.

He told the guide that he was going to tail the fish for him. That was all fine but when the fish got close to the boat it jumped up and hit the angler, turned guide, in the shoulder and landed in the bottom of the boat.

The fish was quickly brought under control and released back into the water where it quickly headed to the bottom with a quick flick of his tail. It was quite a humorous tail, but it is certainly not the first time that a hooked fish has jumped into a boat. Although a valiant effort by our guest, but we want him to get a little more experience before we offer him a position guiding.

One of our novice anglers was telling me last night about the casting instruction that one of our new guides Bob Goulding had given to him and his companion yesterday. He told me that Bob's instruction had helped them both greatly improve their casting skills. He was very impressed and very happy.
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