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Eagle Brook?
Posted 24 July 2013, 1:10 pm NDT
Difference between July 14th and July 24th, 2013. (larger version)
Well, there this is turning out to be a much dryer summer than we expected. Already we are think that the greeting for future guests will be "Welcome to Eagle Brook".

Hopefully it won't come to that but there is no signs of rain in the long range forecast and only intermittent showers to get the black flies stirred up.

Fishing is becoming more difficult with the number of hook-up decreasing for most of our anglers.

I had the opportunity to wade below Governors yesterday and hooked one fish and saw several more move. Shortly after I got there one of our boats came in just above me and anchored.

I pointed out to the guests where I had seen fish moving. I had attempted to put a fly there myself, but the wind was in my face and I couldn't get out there.

The guest fished there for only 5 or 10 minutes and he was into a lovely fish. I gave him quite a fight and circled the boat before slipping the hook and getting free.

It was funny, because I was quite close to where they were fishing and I realized that I had one of the cordless phones in my pocket.

I held it up and told the guest that was playing the fish that he was wanted on the telephone. Of course I got the classic reply;

"Not right now, I'm busy on the other line."

I have attempted to put together a couple of pictures of the river as taken from the deck to show the difference in the river in just 10 days.
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