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Seeing Fish In The Pools
Posted 04 August 2013, 9:16 am NDT
Well it appears that the rain that we having been looking for all season has arrived. There has been precipitation recorded in Goose Bay for the past 20 hours. I have no way to determine how much rain has fallen, I only know that it is recorded as light rain. Unfortunately it is too late to make much difference to this year's guests. The level of the water is staying constant with no noticeable change in the river.

Our anglers are having mixed success. All have seen fish, especially in the pools on the north side of the river. Water levels are so low that it is easy to see fish laying around in the pools. Unfortunately they are rising to the fly but very few are taking.

We have one couple who are having greatsuccess and have landed six or seven lovely grilse. Most of the grilse that anglers are landing are quite thick down through and wide across the back.

I heard a story from one angler who had a tremendous battle with a fish in the rock pile. He hooked the fish and was not able to hold it in the pool. This is not surprising because the pools are much smaller with the water level.

I think that he was taken off guard by the strength of the Eagle River grilse and was quickly taken into his backing. There were reel singing runs down river that had him working hard.

The fish went down through the rock pile and around rocks in an attempt to throw the hook. He thought that it would be impossible to land this one but he gave it his best effort. As he stumbled down through the rocks he saw that his line was over a rock and the fish was thrashing and causing the line to rub the rock.

He did finally manage to land the fish before the line broke. He told me after that he had almost given up hope of landing it, but the battle with this grilse made his trip and was everything that he could have hoped for and more.
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