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Water dropping, we welcome the NL Sportsmen.
Posted 27 July 2014, 8:48 pm NDT
Dwight with a 12lber hooked in Backriver. Lodge in the background (larger version)
It is incredible how fast river conditions change. In the last week the river has dropped nearly 1/2 a meter, which is good as it was too high for great fishing. But it has also heated up from around 62-63 F to 67.5F today. That, as we all know, is not so good for fly fishing. Fishing action has slowed considerably, but thankfully we are on the Eagle, and we start complaining when our expert anglers only hook 10-12 fish in a day. :)

Every boat in camp hooked fish today, so guests are still seeing pretty good action, and the report at noon was one angler had managed to hook 9 fish up until then. Pretty impressive, a result of very experienced angling and there are still quite a few fresh fish in the river. Once the water temps pass the mid 60's we really find a big difference between early morning fishing and mid day fishing. Anytime an early morning session seems better than any other, but now more than ever it is best to be on the water early morning and late evening vs the heat of mid day.

This week we have the Newfoundland Sportsmen in fishing and enjoying the hospitality of the lodge. They are filming for tv shows and dvd, so tune in to their show to catch a glimpse of Pratt Falls Salmon Lodge in the near future! Here's a pic of some of the fun Dwight has been having already with this 12lber in Backriver. Nice fish, very fresh!

The weather has more heat in store according to the forecast. the long range shows a few showers and highs in the mid-20's. Not extreme heat so we are hoping the cooler nights will keep the water temps down. On the plus side the water level is very good with a lot of our favorite pools forming up nicely again. Pretty soon we will back in 'the tub'!

You'll notice below that we have added a way to be a little more interactive with followers of the Eagle River Report. You can now give us feedback on our reports, ask questions, or just congratulate your buddies if they make it into the report with a great fishing story or picture. Just add your comments below...happy fishing, and happy blogging!
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