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The Action Picks up Again
Posted 05 August 2017, 7:19 am NDT
Father and son, Winston and Steve, having a great time up at Pratts! (larger version)
We say so long to another great group of guests today. They had a slow start, but as predicted, the building tides and dropping river led to much better fishing. All of our guests hooked up, still a few large in the mix, and some nice chunky grilse. Guests and guides reported seeing a lot of fish yesterday moving into Pratts, but the hot bright day made them very difficult to fly. Andre, the highliner of the group with an average of 3/day, remarked yesterday that, "I think that was the most salmon I ever seen with a fly put over them and not take".

Andre asked that we make special mention of his highliner status, and win of the group bet. And we are expecting to get half his pot for posting this online!! :).

We also hosted Bill Spicer and his cameraman, Ryan, with 'The New Fly Fisher'. They had a great time as well and shot some awesome scenes with fiesty salmon and beautiful scenery. Thanks guys, and we really look forward to the show which is expected to air around February.

New group in today! Looking forward to meeting them and putting them on some great fishing! The river continues to fall, and the tides continue to build so we are expecting a good week. Temps are expected to get hot today, so fingers crossed that the water doesn't warm too much and make our fish lazy. Still plenty of deep cool pools so that shouldn't be an issue.

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