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Rookies hooking up!
Posted 07 August 2017, 3:13 pm NDT
Shannon lands his first ever atlantic salmon! Congrats, young man! (larger version)
Fishing has continued to get better since our last report and the excitement in camp has been contagious! Bud, a seasoned trout angler but new to salmon has been having an infectious amount of fun. A couple of times now he has had to take a little break to get off the adrenaline rush. He landed his first ever grilse in Pratts during his first session. The hoots and hollers could be heard over the rush of the river, and he couldn't believe how hard they fight!

We also had a young man, Shannon, who had fished before but never landed one. That changed in his first hour here with us yesterday. He hooked two right away and landed a nice grilse.

On top of the nice grilse running, there is a significant run of large fish right now. We estimate in the 20%-30% ratio according to our success, which is high for this time of year. And, the sea-run brookies are started to trickle in. A couple of nice brook trout have been caught the last couple days. That fishery will increase over the next two weeks for sure.

The fish are running strong and we are getting them up in Pratts, and out on the flats of the river. The river is in excellent shape, water level still a little on the high side, but dropping, and not too warm at 19C (66F). During the brightest times of the day the fish have been lazy, but mornings have been great with multiple hookups, and action picks up again in the evening. As of now we are scheduled to finish up here at the lodge on the 12th this season, but we expect the fish will be running strong when we shut down. With fish seemingly running later for several years now, we think the August fishing is something future guests will be vying for. The guys here now would certainly vouch for that!

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