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Welcome to the club!
Posted 29 July 2018, 11:04 am NDT
First Fish (larger version)
The pools had just formed up and we had a few days fishing in the Tub and our anglers were having great success and then Mother Nature decided to bless us with an over abundance of water.

The recorded rainfall was 42.4cm at CFB Goose Bay. The highest recorded rainfall since they began recording it back in 1942. Now our river is back to where we were a month ago with an additional 2m of water everywhere. The forecast is calling for even more rain so it looks like it will be a little tougher fishing for at least till the river crests and begins to fall again.

That doesn't mean that our newest group of guests aren't having any success. Quite the contrary. One of our young anglers was fortunate enough to land his first Atlantic Salmon. A beautiful 62.5 cm grilse (what we refer to as a Maxi-grilse.)

Congratulations young man! Welcome to the club!

He isn't the only one. Everyone in the camp this week have succeeded in landing fish. In fact we are astounded by the number of fish hooked yesterday with water extremely high and still rising.

Hedley was telling me yesterday that his guests had 2 fish yesterday that decided that they wanted to play hide & seek in the alder beds and on the footpaths that lead to the normal fishing pools.

He said in all his years of guiding it is the first time he's ever had to chase a salmon into the woods.

Water temperatures are great. Still plenty of fish showing but they aren't holding. We are hoping that will change IF the river ever crests and starts falling again.

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