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Rough Weather but Good Fishing
Posted 12 July 2019, 8:32 am NDT
Neal with a nice grilse (larger version)
We are saying 'see you later' to our second group of anglers today and they had a wonderful trip! They kept a tally for friendly competition and with 59 fish landed amongst the group for the week, we think that is very good. Considering that the river is still high and about 60% are large fish they did a great job of handling these fish. There would have been a lot of hook ups that didn't make it to a release.

The weather, with the exception of one day was very tough. Very cold for July with evening temps dipping to 3-4 degrees C! Water temp also very cold in the low 50s F, around 11-12 degrees C. Great for the fish but hard on anglers.

The water, despite a fair bit of rain has continued to fall. It did bump up slightly for a day but has started to drop again and is now at 3.1m. Getting closer and closer to a great fishing level. The forecast calls for 40-60 percent chance of showers over the next few days. Hopefully that remains as a chance and the water stays in the clouds. Stay tuned!

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