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All New Faces Hit with Early August Graces!
Posted 03 August 2019, 12:17 am NDT
A leaper on in Pratts! (larger version)
Our 6th group of the 2019 salmon season has just departed. They were all new guests that we had not met before. With that comes expectations, and some excitement and anticipation. We pray for good fishing and weather so we can do what we do best and always hope to impress. People think we are in the business of salmon. I guess we are, but we are just as much in the business of people. This group had representation from a few corners of the world with diverse backgrounds and it was a real pleasure hosting them. They caught a lot of fish, with a high liner day of 37. Pretty good seeing many were rookies! The weather was cold and wet but they seemed un-phased, and generally the feedback from guides and staff is that this crowd was a pleasure to host. I missed their departure today which meant I also missed the opportunity to get their thoughts on the I was pleased to see these three lines finalizing an email from the group leader who was emailing looking for a personal item left behind.

"Great place
Good people
Will be back"

So, it's early August. How's the fishing? Good. Very good. Rookies hooking up, days with a 3-4 CPUE. And guides are reporting a lot of 6-8 lb chunky fish, and we had a few this week in the 12-15lb range. That's pretty awesome! How's the weather? Horrendous. We've had cold, wet, and foggy weather which is totally not seasonal to August! And, how's the river? For starters...COLD! Temp dropped back to about 54F (12-13c). Right now it is also going up in water level. We had some hard periods of rain here locally on Lower Eagle. It has gone up a couple inches in the last day, but, according to the staff and guides that went out for a cast tonight, it didn't slow the action! Hopefully it doesn't rise too much and instead plateaus or even turns to fall for our next group arriving tomorrow. Good luck to them and we will see what the Eagle's bounty has in store :)

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