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I caught 2 salmon in my lifetime...until now!
Posted 16 July 2021, 11:55 am NDT
Nice one, caught and released by Harry this week! (larger version)
"I caught 2 salmon in my lifetime, until now, when I've hooked more than I'll likely ever see again", was the comment from one Eagle River beginner when I arrived at the lodge yesterday and asked the golden question: "How's the fishing?". Last night was a celebration of a fantastic week for this group. 10 year repeat offender, Chris, added, "Dwight, everything was fantastic. The fishing, your staff, the food. This was one to remember"

As a host/outfitter it certainly does make the job easy when you know your team is on the ball, and your guests are reflecting on having such a great experience. And, with Covid seemingly under control, it is so good to see people enjoying themselves, and unwinding here on the river.

The fishing has continued to be absolutely stellar. The runs still seem to be coming in strong, and by yesterday we were down to a ratio of about 20% large, and plenty of grilse action. We had a couple days of extreme heat, and the water mid day has hit around 65F/18C. The river has been evaporating before our eyes and is now at 1.9m. Getting a little challenging to navigate, but pool formation is good. We're ready for a shot of rain though. And, it is raining in Goose Bay today and rain and showers are forecasted all over the Eagle Plateau for today, tonight, and tmrw. Hopefully that holds true and the parched land and low river get some much needed reprieve. No thunder storms, please, as Labrador is currently tinder.

Fresh faces here this morning. A group of anglers that have been fishing here 20 years plus. Missing last year due to Covid didn't sit well with them, so they are in jovial spirits to be here and hit the water. Good luck to them, and we will see what the week has in store.

Leave you with this quick snap of a large salmon released this week. This one done battle with some predator or shallow riverbed. You will notice in our pictures that the guide is always holding the fish. It is what we do to allow the guests to capture the moment when boat fishing, and protect the fish. Everything is prepped for the photo, then the fish is taken from the live release net, up, turn, snap pic, returned, revived (usually not required), and released. A seconds long process that works for us, the fish, and captures some great moments.

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