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Cheers to another great week, and cheers to Wayne.
Posted 02 August 2021, 2:51 pm NDT
The plane has touched down back in Goose Bay, and our last group for this year leave having had a very successful 5 days. Hosting this group, for us at the lodge, certainly had its rewards. We put 16 yo Liam 1 on 1 with Hedley, and I think the young man had the experience of a lifetime. Hedley gave him a dose of his pro guiding experience, and coached him into being camp highliner! Liam and his grandfather Derek, won't soon forget their trip to Pratt Falls Lodge. Hedley figures Liam is well on his way to becoming a very well rounded angler. All of the guys done great. Even though it was slower than the earlier weeks, this was the best fishing some of our guests have ever had. We love it when the guys departing and already trying to figure out when they are coming back.

The heavy rain a couple of days ago brought the river up just a few centimetres, and it seems to be holding its own now at the 1.4m mark. The water temps have been good ranging from 62-68F this week.

This is our last group for this year. Very unfortunate seeing the fishing has been great, and continues to be quite good. Covid spoiled many plans for people to visit us this year. We are hoping that is behind us and we are able to welcome back guests from around the world in 2022. We will post an entire season review here on the Eagle River Report soon.

Cheers to Wayne: About 5 years ago a friend of ours, Wayne Howell, approached me one day and said, "I need to talk to you about fishing at Pratt Falls". I knew he loved the outdoors, so figured he wanted to go fishing sometime. I knew Wayne through our good friend, Sue, his daughter who had moved to Cartwright in her teaching profession about 20 years ago. Little did I know at the time that Wayne was entrenched with the Shriners. He approached me again in 2018 and told me he was wondering if we would donate a trip for a Shriners fundraiser. I know the mission of the Shriners, and we love to do our part in the community, so we jumped at the opportunity to help them. Wayne was proud of this trip going on tickets. He said a few times, "This is going to be big", "This is going to raise a lot of money." "We're gonna get some nice posters done up". He was genuinely excited for the Shriners and the would be winners. The Shriners had a very successful fundraiser, and the lucky winners were booked for 2020. Covid 19 threw a wrench into those plans, and the lucky winners understood our circumstances and we carried their trip over to 2021. Sadly, after a long battle with his health, Wayne passed away in June 2021. He would be proud to know that Andrew and Charlie, winners of the trip, just had a very successful week here at the lodge. Trip of a lifetime they said, and they are looking to get back in the future. Cheers to you, Wayne. Thank you for your 30+ years of dedication to the Shriners and bringing hope and smiles to so many sick kids.

Pictured below, left to right. Wayne, and lucky winners Andrew and Charlie with a couple of grilse for the dinner table.
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