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River conditions are holding up, grilse are plenty!
Posted 04 July 2024, 7:58 am NDT
Darroch and Neal contribute to a meal at camp with these thick grilse, and young Hank having success and a real pro at C&R. (larger version)
A few more days have passed and we are now convinced that everything is about 10 days to 2 weeks 'early' comparable to statistical average years. The 'Maxi-grilse', those beautiful, powerful, 6.5-7lb football shaped grilse are in the river. The fishing has been decent but not great compared to the number of fish in the river. These fish know that the conditions are right for moving. With the water level holding steady now for a couple of days and still fairly cool but warming with the air temps of the last couple days getting into mid to high 20s C. The river water is now around 17-18C (63-64F).

We had guest changeover on Tuesday. The outgoing crowd had a great time! Rookie, Lynn hooked up several times, and our other guests averaged around 20 fish for their 5 day stay. Mostly all large in the 10-17lb range. With the season being a couple weeks early, we believe our biggest fish, the 25-30lbers went in before anybody wet a line. Possibly before the legal season even opened on June 15th. Guests and guides spotted a few 20lbers last week, but we usually hook up with some real big slabs when on the water in the last week of June.

The group in now, a mix of repeat offenders and new guests are getting some fish. Seeing much more than hooking as mentioned earlier. Yesterday we had 21 fish hooked in camp up to the last tally I received before the evening session. Not too shabby. I've been referring to this group as the 'Allied Powers', being guests from Canada, USA, and the UK. 3 great countries and a pleasure to host them all.

What's next? The weather over the next few days has some moderate heat, but nothing forecasted higher than mid 20s during the day and with night temps forecasted to be 10-15c, the river water should hold up ok. There are scattered showers in the short range, and Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week call for decent amounts of rain on the Eagle Plateau. We hope that forecast delivers!

Leaving you with a little collage of some recent action. A couple of beauty grilse that are tagged for a fresh appetizer in the lodge by Neal and Darroch, and young Hank, 12yo, shows off his skills with a truly pro handling of his C&R!

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