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Eagle River Report is a page where we will be keeping a log of the camp activity, as well as river conditions, and news from Eagle River. Sign up for the RSS feed by clicking the orange icon to the right and you will receive all updates by email. Wondering what water levels are like? go to Canada's Hydrometric Data site for the Eagle River by clicking this link: Eagle River Water Level
Posted 02 July 2015, 10:27 pm NDT
Brian fighting a fish at Whitebear. (larger version)
Our first group of the year just departed camp, and our new guests are settling in.

Fishing wise, this has been a tough week. All other aspects of the week have been great. This has been a great group of guests and we have really enjoyed hosting them. Wish we could say that the salmon treated them as well as we did at the lodge. From reports we have been getting, rivers right from the Northern Peninsula in Newfoundland and north to here have been late. Unusually late. We have been seeing...
Posted 28 June 2015, 8:32 am NDT
A little late, but salmon are starting to hit the Eagle River. Several have been seen and our guest, Brian, hooked into a large salmon in Pratts yesterday. It went over a lip of fast water and slipped away but it was our first hookup of 2015! We hear reports of a fish caught at 'The Gap', 17 miles upriver, and also reports of large salmon in White Bear River. And there must be plenty of them spread across the ocean, as we had a report of turbot fishermen sighting salmon 106 miles north east of Cape Horn.

We expect that over the next couple of weeks the river should see plenty of fresh fish with every rising tide. Bring it on!
Posted 26 June 2015, 11:59 pm NDT
coming down over Pratt's on high water, June 11th, 2015 (larger version)
We came to the lodge on June 10th this year to a very flooded river. Ice had left Sandwich Bay only about 10 days before that. The river was a raging 5 meters high and discharging an incredible 1400 cubic meters per second of water when we crested The Gorge for the first time in 2015. We had a busy two weeks of more remodeling and maintenance at the lodge as we watched the river level drop. It has dropped 2 meters, and flow reduced to around 400 cubic meters/second. Still plenty of water,...
Posted 07 August 2014, 11:02 pm NDT
8 year old, Cody, with the nice salmon he landed today. (larger version)
Another great day has passed and tomorrow marks the end of another week! This is our last group going out tomorrow. It is kind of a shame as fresh fish are still coming in and we are still hooking up quite well. We have two guests this week that have little to no experience. And both have had a taste of salmon success. It's great stuff! Which brings us to the photo and some huge congratulations to Cody! Cody is 8 years old and is here on a trip with his Dad that we donated to a Ducks...
Posted 04 August 2014, 12:38 pm NDT
The air temps have been pretty exhausting the last couple of weeks with temperatures well into the high 20's and low 30's repeatedly. Bright sunny days have warmed Eagle to 69-70 degrees F. Thankfully there is still a nice bit of water and the fish have plenty of deep holes to hang out in. The challenge is that they are not taking fly very well in this heat and brightness.

Our guests have been hooking up the last few days, but averages are down to around 2-3 hookups a day and it takes the...
Posted 01 August 2014, 7:11 am NDT
Hard to believe but the month of July just passed us by. Today marks the end of another week for us here at the lodge and we say good-bye to what has been a fantastic group of guests. We 'Screeched' in our guests from Quebec and made them honorary Newfoundland and Labradorians, and had a great time putting together film for 'The Newfoundland Sportsman' tv show.

The fishing over the last couple of days has slowed down. Not surprising as water temps during this very hot and bright week hit 70...
Posted 28 July 2014, 11:02 pm NDT
Fishing action improved today over the last couple of days. The reports from most of the guides brought in a camp average today of 6-7 fish hooked per guest. And a lot of rises besides. The river temp remains at 67-68 F, and the water level continues to fall. Still high enough for good success in Backriver, but we expect to be fishing the Bathtub pool within a couple of days, possibly tomorrow.

With the results still holding strong and reports of plenty of salmon and grilse still being...
Our guide, Nelson's, father and brother having a great time! (larger version)
Posted 27 July 2014, 8:48 pm NDT
Dwight with a 12lber hooked in Backriver. Lodge in the background (larger version)
It is incredible how fast river conditions change. In the last week the river has dropped nearly 1/2 a meter, which is good as it was too high for great fishing. But it has also heated up from around 62-63 F to 67.5F today. That, as we all know, is not so good for fly fishing. Fishing action has slowed considerably, but thankfully we are on the Eagle, and we start complaining when our expert anglers only hook 10-12 fish in a day. :)

Every boat in camp hooked fish today, so guests are still...
Posted 24 July 2014, 10:34 pm NDT
11 year old, Helena, with her first ever atlantic salmon! (larger version)
A great end to the week for us here at Pratt Falls Salmon Lodge. The youngest guest we have had and today she hooked and landed her first salmon! 11 years old, and she had her sister and grandmother to share it with. Congratulations, Helena!!

The action picked up for a while today overall. Yesterday was slow in the heat but today there seemed to be a few more fish on the go and they were taking fly much better. Another first time angler, Piet, hooked two fish today! And our experienced...
Posted 22 July 2014, 11:16 pm NDT
Marie with her first ever atlantic salmon. Congratulations! (larger version)
The last two days have been a lot of fun around here. Fun for our guides and guests alike. I don't think anything makes the guides happier with their work than when they guide a rookie angler onto their first atlantic salmon. Last night, Rookie guest Louisa hooked and landed not only her first ever, but also her second and third! Not a bad catch rate for a first time angler :). And today her sister, Marie hooked and landed her first and second, pictured here with her first! Pretty awesome...
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