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Eagle River Report is a page where we will be keeping a log of the camp activity, as well as river conditions, and news from Eagle River. Sign up for the RSS feed by clicking the orange icon to the right and you will receive all updates by email. Wondering what water levels are like? go to Canada's Hydrometric Data site for the Eagle River by clicking this link: Eagle River Water Level
Posted 25 June 2012, 4:10 pm NDT
3 days ago we ventured into the river to ramp up the camp for another season. Things are running smoothly and we are ready to welcome the first guests on Friday!

Eagle River, like all rivers in Newfoundland and Labrador right now, is very low for this time of year. We are all a little bit concerned for the fishing conditions later in July. Right now there are plenty of pools to fish and the water temps have been holding in the mid 60s. The 5 day forcast shows showers and chance of showers...
Posted 21 June 2012, 7:13 am NDT
The last couple of days have been a whirlwind for us at Pratt Falls Salmon Lodge. We were busy preparing boats and getting freight ready to go to camp this week to open up, only to receive a phone call tuesday afternoon...FOREST FIRE!! Due to the high number of fires in Labrador, at first there was some confusion as to how close it was, but at around 5pm we had arial confirmation that it was around 2km west of the lodge and we had south westerly winds and 25-30 degree heat.

Needless to say...
Posted 30 May 2012, 9:27 pm NDT
Wow, the spring break up was an impressive one! Our lodge sits quite high on the river banks of the Eagle in an area not prone to ice damming...and thank goodness it does! Eagle river rose to a roaring 6.3m this spring and was only about 3 feet from going over the river bank at the lodge. We lost our steps to the beach, but have plans to get more in place as soon as the river settles enough to navigate. The falls were not even falls this year, moreso just a raging chute.

We are looking...
Posted 02 January 2012, 11:14 am NST
Dwight will be travelling to Augsberg, Germany to take part in the 15th annual Jagen und Fischen show Jan 19th-22nd! We hope to see some of our past guests at the show and look forward to networking and promoting our product to the European market. See you there!
Posted 31 October 2011, 10:39 am NDT
Hello Everybody! A couple of months have passed by already since we last played fish on the Eagle River. 2011 is flying by and the booking season for 2012 is upon us. We have several time slots booked up but there is still some great prime time fishing available for next season. Don't miss out! Get in touch with Dwight today at and book your time with us. Check out current availability on the menu to the left on our website.

Have a safe and happy "off season" folks! We will be sending out info and updates over the winter.
Posted 19 August 2011, 12:07 pm NDT
We bid farewell to our last group mid day today, and the fishing they had this morning was icing on the cake for some of them.

With another successful season behind us we will now prepare to winterize the Lodge, store the boats and engines, and perform the final maintenance for the season. It doesn't end there as over the winter we will be marketing, restocking the camp for next year...and by mid June we will be restlessly waiting to get back on the water!

We would like to thank all our...
Posted 19 August 2011, 7:00 am NDT
Lets be honest, we had some concerns for this last group of the year. two weeks ago we started emailing this group that we affectionately have labeled, "The Norwegians", to tell them that river conditions were deteriorating and we expected the fishing to be very poor due to the low and warm water. This group decided to follow through on their plan and arrived last Saturday. We are very pleased that they have had a good week. 3 of the 6 are rookies to fly fishing for atlantic salmon and they...
Posted 17 August 2011, 10:51 am NDT
We had some rain yesterday and last night, both here and in on the Eagle River plateau.

Not a large amount of rain but the river is up about 3 - 4 cm (1.5 - 2 in) this morning.

We did see a slight increase in fish movement and a couple of our anglers successfully landed fish.

The increase in water level and current overcast conditions should provide more favorable angling results for the remainder of the week.

The rain also lowered the temperature of the water, which also is beneficial to anglers.
Posted 16 August 2011, 11:51 am NDT
There is still not much change in the water level in the river. It seems that the river is not dropping as fast as it did previously.

There are still some fish in the river and our guests are making contact, but are still learning how to play a fish using our tackle.

It is much more challenging for an angler to hook and land a fish using a single barb-less hook than it is using tube flies with double or treble barbed hooks.

Even though the fishing is tougher, one of the co-owners of our...
Posted 15 August 2011, 8:11 am NDT
Despite the fact that the water levels are continuing they seem to have stabilized; at least for the moment and do not seem to have dropped much over the last couple of days.

We have had some minor showers over the last couple of days but still no major rainfall.

The forecast is indicating that we will get rain tomorrow and hopefully this will help the river; however it is too late in the season to make much difference.

Our group on anglers have had some success hooking fish, but since the fishing tackle that we use here is a little different they are still adjusting.

They are enjoying their stay and indicate that they are happy knowing that there are fish in the river; which is all any angler requires.
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