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Eagle River Report is a page where we will be keeping a log of the camp activity, as well as river conditions, and news from Eagle River. Sign up for the RSS feed by clicking the orange icon to the right and you will receive all updates by email. Wondering what water levels are like? go to Canada's Hydrometric Data site for the Eagle River by clicking this link: Eagle River Water Level
It has been a scorcher
Posted 01 August 2012, 10:00 pm NDT
WOW! It has been a hot week here on the Eagle. The past three days have hit +30 degrees celcius and we all know that is not good for fishing action. Despite the bright days and hot temps, the Eagle is still producing good numbers. Our guests this week have been averaging 4-5 hooked fish a day. And it seems that the tides are bringing fresh sculls every morning and evening.

2 guests just came in from Diplomats and hooked 7 fish. 3 in 5 minutes so there was some excitement down there! In the mid afternoon heat Dabbling Pool still managed to produce two large salmon today! Everyone here is having a great time, with 4 re-booking and 2 guests looking at an extended stay. We're proud to have such 'happy campers'. Tomorrow is the last day for most of them so we are hoping the sun tucks behind the clouds and the temps cool, so we can show them what the full moon can bring here at Pratt Falls Salmon Lodge!

The river continues to drop at a steady pace of 4-5 inches a day. All the pools are formed up nicely now. The Slick is back in production, and the bathtub is also back in prime form. It is an excellent water level for fishing, just a little too bright and hot outside! Water temps have hit 69 Fahrenheit mid day. Not too bad considering the air temperature. Several guests in this group have made the comment that we often hear. "I have never felt salmon this powerful before"...and we love watching them test out the drags. One guest has an old J W & Sons reel which practically has no drag...he keeps a glove close at hand, now!
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