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Frequently Asked Questions
Questions please?! Here are a bunch of questions that get asked by guests and potential guests while trying to plan an adventure to Pratt Falls Salmon Lodge. If we have missed your question, email us at
Q: What are the best dates for best fishing results?
A: The best dates really does depend on your taste. The biggest fish run from late June to the first week of July. During this time we see the largest of the salmon but not the quantity like the rest of July and early August. Early fishing always presents a small gamble of the salmon being late due to a number of factors. 4 out of 5 years salmon are usually running by mid June. There is a good mix of large salmon and vast runs of grilse. Grilse runs hold strong until late August and there are always late large 'Jacks' (male salmon) arriving in the river. Fresh fish are running into Eagle right up to the close of the season in September. By mid August, sea-run brook trout are starting to return to the river and offer another fun fishery that only gets better during the last 2 weeks of August.
Q: Can I keep salmon?
A: Yes, residents and non-residents can keep 2 grilse , <63cm. We encourage catch and release, however it is your choice if you would like to keep a grilse. Large salmon cannot be kept. Sitting down to a meal of delicious and healthy wild atlantic salmon is a real treat, but we think that releasing it and watching it return to it's mission on the river feels even better!
Q: Do you fish other species?
A: Sea-run trout and char excursions to Sandwich Bay from the lodge are offered. There is an extra charge of $100/day per person to cover the extra cost associated with doing this. That is offered from Late June to the third week of July. After that the trout are very hard to target because they are spread out on the headlands and are glutted on baitfish. They offer a great fishery again in mid August.
Q: What are your rates?
A: Don't you just hate it when you visit a website and in the end have to make a phone call just to see if the trip fits into your budget? We have a page just for this. Click on "Rates and Packages" in our webpage menu and download our current rates. The rates sheet also explains what is and is not included in your package rate.
Q: How do I get from Goose Bay to the Lodge?
A: The flight from Goose Bay is 40-50 minutes aboard a twin otter, caravan, or beaver aircraft on floats. Depending on the fishing package you have chosen, the float plane flight may or may not be included. We ask guests to arrive in Goose Bay the day before as we try to get float planes in the air as early as possible on our turnaround day. You are responsible for your meals and accommodations in Goose Bay. We provide ground transportation in Goose Bay. We have you picked up at the airport upon arrival as well as getting you to Otter Creek for the float plane flight the next morning.

It should also be noted that if a group wants to change the day of arrival and departure and space is available to do that at the lodge, we will arrange the charters for any given day but it may cost extra above the package price if it results in extra flights to the lodge.
Q: Were you once known as Goose Bay Outfitters?
A: Yes! This lodge was formerly Goose Bay Outfitters operated by Peter and Alma Paor until 1999, and then Jelle and Millie Terpstra until 2008. The new owners take pride in having enhanced the facility and service over the years to the absolute best of our ability. The name 'Pratt Falls Salmon Lodge' is born from the name of a pool near Eagle River Falls. We always called it Pratt Falls, or Pratts. A pratt fall is also a stunt performed by a clown when they fall on their behind as a joke. And, as anglers meander around the shorelines and boulders of Eagle River we tend to see a few 'pratt falls' as a result of misplaced feet and strong currents!!! :)
Q: What is your booking policy?
A: 30% deposit is due on booking. After a request is made to reserve a rod space, a two week hold will be put on it to wait for deposits. After two weeks it will go to the next request in line. Your deposit is 50% refundable until December 31, 2023. After December 31, 2023 deposit is non-refundable. The balance of your trip is due by March 31, 2024. Any balances not paid by March 31, 2024 will be cancelled, deposits forfeited, and the space offered for resale. If you have to cancel before March 31, 2024 you will be given the option to apply your deposit to a booking in the following year. After March 31, 2024 deposits are forfeited completely. After March 31, 2024 fully paid trips are also forfeited completely, however we will make every effort to resell the space. If we can do this we will refund the trip less deposit. We will also allow you to transfer your payment to a replacement guest of your choosing in the same year.

In the case of travel interruptions, guests delayed at the lodge will be accommodated at no extra charge, guests in transit to or from the lodge are responsible for own expenses.

The Lodge is not responsible for delays or cancellations or poor conditions beyond our control. We do not issue refunds or credits for such reasons. These include but are not limited to:

-Weather delays are not the fault of the lodge and we do not offer refunds for delays or cancellations due to adverse weather conditions.

-Personal and family medical situations are unpredictable, and while we always sympathize with any guest dealing with an unexpected medical issue, the lodge cannot bear the burden of late cancellations due to such events. We will always make every effort to resell space and reimburse you, but you are always ultimately responsible to use your booking and refunds will not be issued for unused space.

-Environmental conditions, and we do not offer refunds for poor environmental conditions or imposition of environmental protocols from regulatory bodies.

Purchasing cancellation and interruption insurance is highly recommended. There are many travel insurance companies as well as banks and credit cards that offer varying coverage. Please protect your purchase.
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