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We can tell you how great your angling adventure will be, but it is better told by those who have experienced it...

"Pratt Falls Salmon Lodge and the Eagle River provide a once in a lifetime fishing experience that you'll want to repeat over and over again. It is a unique and special place among salmon rivers."
- M. Crosby, Halifax, NS - Author of 'Rivertalk'
Here is Adam's Dad with his first fish. (larger version)
"If you were to ask me before heading out on a fishing trip what would make the adventure ideal in every way. I would answer by suggesting that the ride in be fun, the lodge and accommodations be clean and comfortable, the guides be knowledgeable and friendly, the boats be stable, there be a variety of pools to fish, the food be good and of course the fishing be great. Pratt Falls exceeded my expectation on all fronts. The jet boat ride from Cartwright to the lodge was awesome, the cabins and lodge were extremely comfortable, our guide was a great man who we now consider a friend, the boats were impressive, we fished some calm flat water, some faster rips over submerged boulders, into the rapids and our favorite between the falls and the rapids (the bathtub), the home cooked food was delicious and even included a birthday cake, and the fishing was amazing. Where I come from (NB) we fish all day watching the fly and hoping for a rise, here the action was so steady that we came to expect a take on each cast. It's true what they say "At home we learned to cast, on the Eagle we learned to catch". I hooked more fish in 3 days than I had my entire salmon fishing career. This was the trip of a lifetime, until I return. I would recommend it to anyone looking to catch lots of fish from a lodge with higher standards than most. Thanks to you I will always have these memories with my dad. Priceless."
- Adam Campbell, Amherst, Nova Scotia
Mr. Hynes, playing a wasn't hard to get him to smile. (larger version)
It was my first time on the Eagle River and it was the best Atlantic salmon angling I have ever experienced. I had an amazing trip with good friends and fishing memories I won't forget. It is not long upon arrival before you witness the experience and service of the Pratt Falls Lodge staff. Right from the guides in their boats waiting for you at the mouth of the river to running the gorge and then the fabulous meal waiting for you on the table. It is like clockwork and impressive to say the least. The staff are first class and always there to help. Oh right and then there is the fishing...can't put that into words, do yourself a favor and experience the Eagle River and Pratt Falls Lodge. You won't forget it!

R. Hynes, July 2013
Hey Dwight,

Just a short note before I get way too busy and forget (trying to make enough money to get back to the eagle). Thanks for all your hard work making this trip a trip of a lifetime. Let's face it, people come to the Eagle to catch fish and catch fish we did. However, if your staff wasn't as top notch as they are there would be a little tarnish on that. I've experienced lodges were the fishing was good but the service was terrible and I wouldn't go back. Your camp from you down is run wonderfully. Terry is great, the guides are all fantastic, cooks and cleaning staff off the charts and I always felt completely at home. You run a top shelf organization and the fishing is ridiculous. I hope to return again someday.

Stacy Wentzell
Halifax, NS
Roxanne & Barry enjoying their trip at Pratt Falls Salmon Lodge (larger version)
"Words cannot adequately describe the experience. I never had to set my drag so hard before, the salmon were mighty strong and the river is spectacular. Thanks Dwight to you and your staff, the happiest workers I have ever met, you have a fantastic team! My brother and I enjoyed every moment, a world class lodge on the worlds best salmon river! Thank you so very much, we will be sharing stories about this trip for years to come."

- Roxanne Notley, Port Hope Simpson, NL
Doug with long time guide, Al Nippard, and a beautiful 15 lb salmon. (larger version)
"I have been coming to the Eagle River for over ten years and have repeatedly enjoyed the best salmon fishing compared to anywhere I have been in the past. The salmon are plentiful and powerful and will put on a show whenever you are able to entice them to take your fly. Each year provides a unique fishing and wilderness experience which makes you look forward to coming back year after year.
Pratt Falls Salmon Lodge, overlooking the Lower Eagle River is a first class operation from the accommodations, food and the people. I look forward to coming there each year to see what new adventure I will be part of. Whatever level of salmon fisherman you are, Pratt Falls Salmon Lodge and the Eagle River will ensure your expectations are fully satisfied and more likely surpassed."
- Doug MacIsaac, Halifax, Nova Scotia

"Undoubtedly the best salmon fishing I have had in over 35 years of trying to catch those magnificent fish."
- M.W., Naples, FL

"The most accommodating and professional operation, beautiful river, plenty of fish and only one broken rod - What more can you ask for."
- H.Hall, Wells, ME

"Having traveled thousands of miles I can assure you that no distance is too great nor more important than the experience - yes, even the privilege of being among the few people on earth to ever fish the Eagle River in Labrador, Canada. Fly fishing with Goose Bay Outfitters Ltd., is unimaginable, unlike anything anyone could ever compare it to in this world. Friendly, experienced guides seek out the most prime fishing pools for Atlantic Salmon. This place is very addicting and once you arrive you will never want to leave, if you do, you will never want to miss a week of it again. Whether a novice or an experienced fisherman, Goose Bay Outfitters is ready for you. To all anglers everywhere: from experience and without reservation, I enthusiastically implore you to check out this fishing paradise. I did and will treasure and remember always, this camp, its people and staff, and the world's greatest salmon fishing."
- D. Taweel, L.A. CA

"I think I lost a week off my life, but I had a preview of the afterlife."
- G. Peppin, N.B.
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