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What is the best fly? That is a million dollar question. Everybody has their preferences, and success seems to be found more so by the persistent angler than by the angler with the best fly!

Here are some of the top flies recommended by our guides, and long time friends and guests to the Eagle River.

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Orange Bomber
Dry Flies
Dry flies have become quite popular on the Eagle. Dry fly fishing is most successful when the fly is presented with a light and accurate touch which results in the fly naturally "free floating" with the current and over the salmon. When done correctly the result is very exciting! Salmon usually attack dry flies with ferocity and come in full view while doing so. The angler must remain patient and wait until the fly disappears from sight before setting the hook. All too often the excitement takes over only to haul your line back over yourself!

There is no specific size or shape that is best. It is recommended that you take all sizes from No. 2 to No. 8 and try different body shapes from a slim body to a full body.

Some popular Bug and Bomber color combinations that have worked well for us are:
Dark Green Body; White Tail and Wing; Brown Hackle
Dark Brown Body; White Tail and Wing; Brown Hackle
Natural Body; White Tail and Wing; Orange Hackle
Green Body, White Tail, Orange Hackle, Flourescent yellow and/or
Orange Butt (green machine)

To keep your dry flies floating high we suggest coating them with a dry fly floatant, such as Ginke.
Wet Flies
Wet flies are very popular and the selection of successful flies is tremendous. Many anglers like to fish wet flies with a rifflin' hitch tied at the head of the fly. This brings the fly to the surface and creates a vee when the current is broken by the head of the fly. Others choose to fish wet flies fully wet which has great results as well. We have found that a camp favorite has been the Green Machine tied with a very slim body and fished wet! A wet fly hookup is a whole different experience from a dry fly hookup. Unless you are paying very close attention, you might not even know you have a fish on until you feel the tug and your line starts to spool off!!
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