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130+ years of combined guiding experience!

You can have the prettiest lodge, situated on the bank of the world's best salmon river. The catch rates and nice pictures alone would probably sell the rod spaces...once at least. But what keeps people coming back is a resource that is equally as important as the wild Atlantic salmon itself: our guides and lodge staff. As a business, we have a firm belief that the people who accompany you on your trip to the Eagle River are very important. They are important to your success as an angler, and important to our success as a business. We think that we have the best in the business, and we invite you to put yourself in the capable hands of our guides, and experience true Newfoundland & Labrador hospitality from our entire team.

-Dwight & Mitch, Owners, Pratt Falls Salmon Lodge
Nelson Guy
Hometown: Grand Falls - Windsor, NL
Years Guiding: 30
Years on Eagle: 19
Favorite Pool: Sandbar
Favorite Fly: Green Highlander

A bit about Nelson: A brute size of a man, and strong as an ox, you would never say that Nelson is capable of putting such a gentle touch into his trade. Nelson has been remarked as a very caring guide who pays close attention to every detail. From the placement of your fly on the water, to the placement of your foot on an unstable rock, he is there to truly guide you. Nelson is a fly tyer, expert caster, and very good instructor. One guest jokingly commented that Nelson is the best 'old man's' guide a fellow could ask for!
Hedley Angell
Hometown: Carmanville, NL
Years Guiding: 30
Years on Eagle: 19
Favorite Pool: The Slick
Favorite Fly: Blue Charm

A Bit About Hedley: Don't let the last name fool you because he hasn't earned his wings just yet! Hedley is a guide that is not satisfied until he puts his guests onto fish. His success rate is high due to his keen sense of where salmon will lay. Off and on the river Hedley is a comic who enjoys a good laugh. He is also an expert boat handler and our most experienced gorge runner. Repeat guests who have fished with Hedley ask for him time and time again.
Wilson 'Sonny' Williams
Hometown: Rigolet, NL
Years Guiding: 24
Years on Eagle: 3
Favorite Pool: Pratts
Favorite Fly: Blue Charm

A Bit About Sonny: Born and bred in Labrador, Sonny developed a huge passion for outdoor life at an early age. He was our 2019 season rookie and quickly caught on to salmon guiding, already having guests requesting him for their next trip. He was new to salmon guiding this year but he is no stranger to guiding with decades of big game hunting under his belt. A few things usually happen when you go off on an adventure with this guy: the laughs will be plenty, the fish will be plenty, the experience will be genuine, and the shore lunch will be delicious!!
William 'Beatle' Sheppard
Hometown: Rigolet, NL
Years Guiding: 23
Years on Eagle: 23
Favorite Pool: Broken Rubber
Favorite Fly: Butt Ugly

A Bit About Beatle: Step aboard of Beatle's boat, and you will never forget this guide! 'Beat', as he's called around camp, has a great sense of humour, and a memorable laugh. He's a proven guide and knows the Eagle very well. He claims he learned the hard way over the "painting every rock in the river with his boat"! He's an expert boat handler and we are thrilled to have his experience on board!
Bob Goulding
Hometown: Goose Bay, NL
Years Guiding: 14
Years on Eagle: 7 years on upper Eagle, 7 years on Lower Eagle
Favorite Pool: Governor's
Favorite Fly: Pass Lake

A Bit About Bob: Bob is as good natured and easy going as they come. And you won't find a guide that will pay any closer attention to his guests fly. Chances are he might see a salmon rising to your fly before you do, and this attention to detail is just one of his attributes that make him a great guide. And he really likes the new boats, as they are so stable that he brings along the Kelly Kettle and boils up a hot cup of coffee or hot toddy right on the river!
Theodore Davis
Hometown: Cartwright, NL
Years Guiding: 8
Years on Eagle: 7
Favorite Pool: Broken Rubber
Favorite Fly: Green Machine w/ Crystal Flash

A Bit About Theodore: You won't find a better boat handler and mild mannered gentleman. The very first day that Theodore came to Eagle River he ran the gorge on high water and has been doing it ever since. This guy was made for guiding. Every guest that steps aboard with him has a wonderful time, great conversations, and hooks a lot of fish! In his years with us 'T' has built a clientele of guests that ask for him time snd time again.
Dwight Lethbridge
Hometown: Cartwright, NL
Years Guiding: 11
Years on Eagle: 31
Favorite Pool: Dabbling Pool
Favorite Fly: Green Machine

A bit about Dwight: Dwight has lived his entire life in Labrador and grew up learning a love for the land and water. He has fished Eagle River since age 8, and becoming lodge co-owner was an opportunity to turn a passion into a part of his career. Dwight spends most of his time looking after the logistics of running the camp, but has been known to wet a fly every now and then, as well as step in as a guide. Good humored, and always happy to welcome guests to the camp and make your experience the best it can be!
Arch & Janet (larger version)
Lodge Staff
People come to the Eagle River to fish and relax. We can't always predict the river conditions, and even the Eagle River can have a bad day. One thing that we can assure you of is that these three individuals will ensure that your time on shore is spent in clean accommodations, and you have delicious home cooked meals in front of you every day. Gertie keeps your room impeccably clean and fresh, while Arch & Janet rock the kitchen, and are masters at their craft with 37 years of cooking experience. Guests have remarked that Janet's meal preparation is the best they have had on the Eagle in over 15 years of coming back. Great food, and top notch service...expect it from Gertie, Janet, and Arch.
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