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Fast Acting Guide
Posted 30 July 2015, 1:03 pm NDT
Team Work! (larger version)
Well, the hot action continues and our anglers once again had a tremendous day of fishing and most have surpassed their personal best.

Yesterday the river was again visited by seals. They are becoming more bothersome to our anglers as described by one pair of guests.

One angler had hooked a fish and was playing it. All of a sudden the seal appeared. He popped his head up and looked around. The guest is sure that when the seal noticed the bent rod he dived down and headed for the hooked fish. The angler said he felt a strong pull on the line and the fish was gone. The anglers were astonished that this had happened. When the line was reeled in, the fly was still attached and only a small piece of flesh
remained of the salmon.

The story continues , about 15 minutes later the other angler hooks a fish. Out of nowhere the seal pops up again about 50m behind the boat. It sees the bent rod and dives again. The angler realizes what is happening
and starts reeling in as fast as he could. All of a sudden most of the tension goes off of the line. The angler keeps reeling and lands the fish. When the fish is landed it has a piece of flesh missing from the tail. The seal had taken a bite out of the fish.

The fish was still quite vigorous when it was released and hopefully will be able to recover completely and continue up river.

I was told another story last night about a broken rod and a fast acting guide. This was earlier in the week, the angler hooks a fish and the rod snaps. The guide jumps in, grabs the broken top of the rod and holds it up as the angler reels it in with the bottom part of the rod. The fish was landed.

The river continues to fall and this mornings fog is expected to lift this morning and the temperature is expected to rise. TG
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