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Take Things Into Perspective
Posted 10 August 2015, 9:21 am NDT
The number of fish taking the fly has slowed. There are still many fish being seen, but not all are taking the fly.

That does not mean that the fishing is not good. That is one thing about the Eagle River. We consider our fishing to be slow now. You have to take that into perspective. With fishing slow on here we still averaged 2 fish per angler. I think that many anglers consider this to be great fishing.

Once again we have rookies in camp. The rookie label didn't last long though. By the end of their first half day fishing both had landed fish. In fact one had landed four.....not bad for your first time fly fishing for Atlantic Salmon.

We were greeted with frost the other morning. White roofs and ice forming in standing water. This changed quickly as the temperatures soared when the sun came out. The past couple of days have been sunny and hot.

The forecast is calling for some showers later in the week. The river seems to have crested and is slowly starting to fall back. There is defiantly enough water in the river to aid navigation for the rest of season. TG
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