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Bright hot days and a river full of fish
Posted 16 July 2020, 8:30 am NDT
8 yo old, Blake, with his first ever salmon! (larger version)
The weather is not favourable for angling atlantic salmon. We are lucky to still have good flow in the river to combat the bright days and 30 deg C heat. The river is getting warm and once the bright sun gets in full force the fishing slows drastically. I like to look at it as an automatic defence that the atlantic salmon has. They can't metabolize and recover as well in warm water. They are also very hard to hook in warm water.

That said, the river has a lot of fish in it. I went out for an early morning cast this morning and parked one of our custom 20ft 'silver salmon' jon boats in Broken Rubber. There were fish flicking everywhere, and after a few minutes I ventures up to Air Force and it was full of fish. Large, small, and in between could be seen jumping, and porpoising everywhere and it wasn't long before I had played 3 and headed back to the lodge for breakfast.

One of our greatest privileges operating a salmon lodge in such a bountiful place, is we get to see a lot of fish time anglers get their first fish. Yesterday I was out with two of my own kids in the bay trout fishing and my son, who's 5, for the first time used an opennfaced adult spincasting rod and hooked into a nice trout on his first cast! The excitement was contagious even though he lost it. The same thing happened here last week when Blake (pictured here), aged 8, hooked and landed his first ever! Congrats, Blake, it's a beautiful fish!!
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