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Steady success continues
Posted 02 August 2020, 10:50 pm NDT
Matt with a tight line in ‘The Bathtub’ this morning (larger version)
One thing that can be said about this season is that it has been quite steady success for our anglers. Likely related to the steady decrease in water. The weather cooled a bit for most of last week and water temps went back to 64-65 F for several days. Our guests that left on Saturday averaged 15-20 each for their stay. Our incoming trio of Dad and two sons have had some success with 3 apiece. Not bad in what are now tough conditions. The weather was hot yesterday and extremely hot today bringing the water temps up around 70F.

Usually we tell fishing stories on here, but there's another story to be told this week. "Andy's Wallet". Plane left Goose Bay for our outgoing guests at 6am Saturday morning. We left early to meet the plane with a low river to contend with. Brought one group down in our shallow water extreme jet boat to rendezvous with a crestliner waiting in deeper waters in the estuary, and came back for a second trip. With all guests approaching the plane mooring, Andy pats down his pockets and realizes he has no wallet. Fairly confident that he left it on the front porch of his guest cabin, we zoom upriver with the plane landing, and staff search for the wallet. Nothing. We search all boats he's been in. Nothing. We go back to the waiting Twin Otter and Andy is off to Goose Bay with no wallet, and no ID to get home on his commercial flights. We came back with all intentions of tearing the camp apart to look for Andy's wallet, and one of our guides, Sonny, happens to be watching his footing while walking across the river just out from camp...and finds a wallet!!! Unbelievable odds. Andy had lost his wallet overboard out of his pocket and Sonny stumbles across it about an hour later. We got on the phones and found a ride for it over the highway from Cartwright to Goose Bay after bribing a traveller to wait for us to jet boat from Eagle to Cartwright with it! Andy's luck was looking pretty bad at 7am, but by 7pm he was reunited with his soggy wallet!

Picture this week, the Pikes getting a taste of Eagle in the 'Bathtub'.
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