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So ends a great week!
Posted 11 July 2021, 6:51 am NDT
Lovely fish caught by Jim this week. Out of the water for a quick photo, and returned to continue her spawning journey. (larger version)
The float plane will be in the air shortly, it is a beautiful day, and every guest leaving the lodge today has aslmon fishing stories and memories to last a lifetime. This was a great week on the Eagle. River conditions were excellent, the fish have been in steady fresh supply, and our guests have been hooking up. We have some great stories of lost and found lines, one with a fish still on it that was reeled in hand over elbow, and another of an entirely lost rod! Guide, Bob, tied a fly on for his guest and tossed it overboard. Before his guest had a chance to take up his rod and start fishing...WHAP! Big fish took it, rod and all. $1000 worth of gear gone. The next morning, they were going to the same pool again. Bob figured the rod might still be there so he took a little grapnel. Sure enough. The rod was retrieved, but the salmon got away!

We have not seen this many fish, this early in July for many years. Around 2013-2014 we figure. We had many fish in the 34-36" range hooked this week, and there are now plenty of maxi grilse in the river. The ratio of large to grilse has tipped the 50/50 mark. now about 35-40% large in the mix.

The river is now in great fishing condition. The water level is now close to the 2.2m level, and still dropping fast. Water temps have been great, thanks to cold nights. The weather has been all about wood stoves in the morning and air conditioners in the afternoon! The forecast calls for just a few showers in the long range, but cool nights. And some scorcher days! We're not looking forward to those hot days. The river temp will inevitably go up but right now it starts the day at 16-17c.

We welcome a group of repeat offenders today. I expect they are in for some great fishing!

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