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The week ends with quality over quantity
Posted 13 July 2018, 11:19 pm NDT
The fishing picked up this week a little more, and the reports now are that fishing south and east of us is very good which forcasts good things to come for anglers on the Eagle. We are still dealing with high water, but it is coming down. Yesterday evening the water was measuring 62.5F and had dropped again to 60.5F over night. Cool water! Great for the fish and practising catch and release. The revival times are very short and the fish are fiesty.

I want to relay a comment made by a guest to me yesterday. He said, "Dwight, your guides really care about salmon. They know what they can take, and they don't mind telling us what to do." He went on to tell me about a seal that entered their pool and he hooked a large fish. "We seen a seal, and I hooked up a large fish. Nelson (guide) said get that fish in quick before it gets tired because the seal will have it, so I did! We released that fish in a couple of minutes and it took off like a dart! I felt really good about that." All I can say is hats off the Nels, our guest, and the rest of the team that perform like this also. Makes us feel good about what we do!

As many of our readers have probably already heard, tragedy struck the Eagle River yesterday. Guide, and friend to all on the river, Ray, lost his life in a boating accident. Our sincere condolences extend to Ray's family and friends, and our neigboring lodge, Cloud 9 and his co workers. We all mourn him with you and will be there for you in the days to come.

The heading in our blog today is there for a reason. The week ended with a gorgeous trophy fish! This past week has been much more about quality over quantity and boy does this fish ever speak volumes! Caught and released by Dave, and measuring in at 109cm! We estimate it could break the 30lb mark.
109cm trophy fish caught July 12.
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