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Mother Nature Knows no Middle Ground!
Posted 17 July 2018, 6:43 pm NDT
MERCY!! MERCY from this insane heat wave! We are going through our second day of 33C heat here on the Eagle River. The AC is on bust and mid day fishing is pretty much not happening. Guests and guides have been hitting the water early and taking a break to beat the mid day sun. That seems to work well as some of this group have had great success early morning. The fishing has gotten better and we are seeing some nice maxi grilse in the river now amongst what is still a strong mix of large salmon. The heat has slowed our efforts, but the camp is into double digits every day now with many guests getting multiple hookups, especially in their morning sessions.

The river is dropping at a good pace after these two days for scorching heat. Some pools are forming up for the first time this year, but there is still plenty of water. A little too much in fact. With the spike in air temperature we are also seeing a spike in water temps. Mid morning we measured 67F on our sonar temp sensor. That likely came close to 70 by mid day and will usually drop a few degrees again over night. The air temperatures are expected to drop off again over the next two days with overnight lows of 12C. With still very good flow and temps like that the river should cool off quite nicely again.

It needs to be mentioned again the great quality fish we are getting this year. The large fish stock seems to be doing very well, and with the hookups increasing plus maxi grilse showing up minus the high water we have... I think I would go so far to say that the grilse numbers are starting to look better than last year as well. Reports from Sandwich Bay net fishers are that the bay is full of fish and many net fishers aren't getting a net strung for more than a few minutes before their food fishery quota is caught.

I expect good things for this group we are hosting now and for the rest of the season. All indicators right now are on point for good fishing and decent water conditions. Lets see how mother nature hashes it all out. We're not always right!

We end this report with this beautiful specimen C&R'd by long time repeat guest, Doug, just yesterday. Great fish, Doug! A real beauty. He said this pic is for the group members that couldn't make it this year. And he added, "Na na na na na na!" Ok, we added that, but we're sure Doug was thinking it :)

Guide, Hedley, presents this fish for a quick photo with guest, Doug before a fully revived live release.
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