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Our Season Ends With More Success Than We Ever Imagined
Posted 13 September 2018, 3:16 pm NDT
Justin helping Rob with a nice late season grilse, Sept 8 2018 (larger version)
As said many times in our reports over the years, we have a lot of faith in the great fishing that August has to offer here at Pratt Falls Lodge. You not only get good atlantic salmon fishing, but the sea-run brook trout also make a fine addition.

That's August. But maybe it is time to start promoting September a little more!? Last year we had some guests in around the 20th of August that had good success until it rained from the heavens. This year, we just hosted a group of 5 for 3 days and 3 of the group stayed for 3 more days ending their trip on Tuesday, Sept 11th. We already reported on their first few days in our previous post. This is late season for salmon fishing here with our official season closing date on the 15th. We had both experienced and novice anglers in the group, and expectations were not high. We all anticipated that if the group could get 10-15 between them all they would be doing good. their trip ended with a group total of 45 salmon and grilse and unrecorded number of brook trout. A good mix of large and grilse and it was noted that many were in the 9-10lb range. Also a good mix of fresh and dark salmon. Guests mixed it up a little trying Eagle and also White Bear, just a 30 minute boat ride from the lodge. Both rivers were successful. Capping off the salmon action were some lively sea run brook trout, ranging from 1-2 lbs. Not incredibly sporting fish, but a lot of fun nonetheless and they make a great shore lunch.

On top of this, we treated anglers to some fantastic arctic char fishing this week as well. Dwight knows a couple of great late season char fishing holes that perform really well this time of year. We base this fishing adventure out of Cartwright usually, but it can be done out of the lodge provided weather cooperates for the 40km boat ride and a 1/2 hour drive, boat launch, and another short boat ride in the lake for char. Yesterday he took a guest into the Dyke's River headwaters and they had some phenomenal char fishing. The day ended with stuffed char 2-3 lbs on the Barbeque at our residence in Cartwright, and some incredible memories made!

Folks, if you want peace, tranquility, much more exclusivity, and some truly remarkable late summer fishing, get in touch with us. It is a time of year where we can tailor a trip to suit you. Spend some time off the beaten path and catch 3 great species of salmonids - Atlantic salmon, sea run brookies, and arctic char.
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