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Some personal bests
Posted 22 July 2021, 9:26 pm NDT
Guide, Beat, holds one up for a quick photo with Ray. (larger version)
We often have first time anglers to Eagle that smash their personal bests in the hook up numbers. That's fun and wonderful, but when a few guys out of a group of 10 that have been fishing here for 20+ years have personal's a statement that the fish runs are having a great year. The action has been excellent all season, and this week is no different.

However, the action has slowed some the past couple days with the water getting low. Water temps have cooled a little since earlier in the week though, hovering between 66-68 F now. The focus now is on a lesser number of pools as the river continues to fall. It does make for more challenging fishing...and navigating. But, along with the lesser number of pools, is lesser rod pressure, and our guests are getting a crack at some great water.

This is as low as we've seen the river at this time of year in the past decade, and it is starting to look like it may reach 2008-like conditions when you could walk from our lodge to Pratts on dry land! It is getting there and there is no reprieve from heavy rain in sight. The guys here now are celebrating a great week, so I asked them to do a little rain dance as well.

There's still some action ahead as a new group arrives tomorrow. They are mostly repeat offenders who have found a couple of Eagle River newbies to join them. We'll see what we can do to put all hands onto a great time! Leave you with a snap of Ray and Beatle with one of many nice fish that Ray hooked up with this week. He was the highliner for larger salmon this week, commenting that he "just shoved the grilse out of the way to get at the big ones!"

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