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Eagle River Report is a page where we will be keeping a log of the camp activity, as well as river conditions, and news from Eagle River. Sign up for the RSS feed by clicking the orange icon to the right and you will receive all updates by email. Wondering what water levels are like? go to Canada's Hydrometric Data site for the Eagle River by clicking this link: Eagle River Water Level
Posted 25 July 2010, 9:08 am NDT
We are delighted to welcome Leone to our Camp. Leone is the daughter of our most experienced Guide Al Nippard. Al has been guiding on the Lower Eagle for the past 38 years. His knowledge of the river is second to none.

She is here working on her Masters Thesis. She did a brief interview with Mike Crosby, an angler and author who has fished the Eagle for over 20 years. In the interview Mike explained that he has fished most of the Salmon rivers in Atlantic Canada. He went on to explain...
Posted 24 July 2010, 7:55 am NDT
The fishing continues to improve with the lowering water level.

Williams Rock is out of the water and should soon be able to be fished again.

The bar in front of Ladder rock is holding fish and one angler had great success there.

There is much hope that the pools out on the river will start to produce again.

We need the river to continue to fall, but with 2 days of rain in the forecast, who knows.
Posted 23 July 2010, 9:56 am NDT
The water level starts to fall and with it the number of fish caught increases.

Our anglers had a much more productive day, although it was no comparison to the fishing we have enjoyed since the the start of the season.

We are still hopeful that it will pick up later in the week.

Great weather today so our departing guests were off on time.

Our new anglers are hopeful that the water will continue to fall and the fishing continue to improve.
Posted 22 July 2010, 7:58 am NDT
The water level seems to have stopped rising.

It is incredible the speed at which this river can rise in a short period of time. It seems that it can be contributed he unusual weather that we have had this year.

Everyone is hoping that the river will start to drop and that there will be another good run of fish when we get the full moon next week.

Yesterday proved to be a disappointing day. All camps report lower than usual catches.
Posted 21 July 2010, 7:56 am NDT
With the rising water levels the new guests face new challenges. The water level is now where it was at the start of our season.

Numerous fish can be seen jumping but few were taking the fly. "They are not holding in the pools." reported one of our guides.

Anglers have some success in Lem's Lane, but most of the pools are disappearing.

It seems that the rate that the water is rising has slowed and hopefully it will start to drop again.
Posted 20 July 2010, 8:31 am NDT
As our rookie anglers depart we bid them a fond farwell. They have all enjoyed their time here angling and the fun that they had together.

They are now talking about bringing their children here for a vacation to experience the wonderous fishing and breath taking beauty.

Although we are sad to see them depart we look forward to their return next year. The good times that they had was so uplifting for the camp that some staff members expressed that they have never had such fun at work before. Some of the other guests, who are not apart of this group, also indicated that they have had enjoyed being present with these anglers.

The river is still rising. It has risen about a foot in the past 24 hours. It has allowed the Salmon to move upstream without much effort, but the number of fish being seen has not diminished.
Posted 19 July 2010, 6:58 am NDT
Continuing to practice and hone their skills has been the order of the day for our rookies. With only slight adjustments, their technique improves and the number of fish being landed increases dramatically.

This group continues to enjoy fishing the pools despite the weather. As I suspected this group are quickly becoming hardcore anglers. The cold wet weather does not hamper their quest and their persistence pays off.

The river starts rising again to the level that it was about 10 days ago. hopefully it will not rise too much and the fishing will remain good.
Posted 18 July 2010, 12:56 am NDT
At first we thought that our newest guests would present us with a hard challenge. Teaching them to cast a fly, set the hook and play & land a fish proved to be all in a days work for our expert guides.

All have graduated from their lessons with honors. All have hooked fish and most have landed one or more. Not only have they hooked fish but I think that fishing on the Lower Eagle may have hooked them.

What a thrill it was for a our female anglers to land their first Atlantic Salmon. One...
Posted 17 July 2010, 12:55 am NDT
Today we welcomed a new group of guests. Only a few of our guests had tried fly fishing before. This meant that the challenge to our guides was not to get them to the pools but to teach them to cast.

As the guests departed for their first attempts at this new sport expectations were high. It was not long before one of them was playing her first Atlantic Salmon.

As the afternoon progressed the number of salmon being hooked was increasing. It wasn't long before they landed a couple of grilse.

As you can imagine the excitement among them began to grow. They are all looking forward to tomorrow and some are already talking about returning next year.
Posted 16 July 2010, 12:37 am NDT
As their week of fishing draws to a close our anglers all comment on their memorable trip. It is no surprise that most of this group return each year to enjoy the abundance of salmon that thrive in the cold flowing water of the Eagle River.

Aside from the quality of fishing the guests commented on the improvements that have been made to the facility and great food that they enjoyed during their visit.

We bid this group of anglers farewell and look forward to their visit with us again next year.

Tomorrow we will welcome a new group who eagerly await their adventure.
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